History of the apartment

The first owner of this apartment (built in 1965) was Elsa Engel-Mainfelden (1906-1984). This artist and designer was a student of Josef Hoffmann and a member of the Austrian Werkbund.  As a close collaborator of Josef Frank, she designed the poster of the 1929 „Werkbund“ exhibition as well as the cover of the 1932 “Werkbund” catalogue.

She earned many international awards for her designs, especially the textile designs. Later, she also lectured at the Academy of applied Arts in Vienna.

In 1960, Elsa Engel-Mainfelden signed a purchase contract for this apartment. She commissioned the interior design to Otto Niedermoser, whom she had first met during the works of the legendary „Werkbund-Siedlung” in the 1930s.


Draft for a textile design by Elsa Engel-Mainfelden, 1930s

Elsa Engel-Mainfelden on the balcony of the apartment, late 1960s

Draft for a textile design by Elsa Engel-Mainfelden, 1950s

Elsa Engel-Mainfelden in the library (then without the lower part of the bookcase, which was added in the 1980s), late 1960s

Textile design by Elsa Engel-Mainfelden, 1960s

The above design applied to a dress by Gertrud Hoechsmann

Elsa Engel-Mainfelden with her dog, 1980s